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In fact, I have been putting off dating for some time in hopes of avoiding having to answer that. I meet them all time; paling around with guys, who are homeless, jobless, always down on their lucks but with tons of child support.

For me, who struggles in general with decisions (you should see me get stuck at Dollar Menu), the answers to this question are not easy ones. They sleep on couches, drive their cars and borrow money, which never gets paid back.

Here are somethings you can do: Before you get in too deep into the relationship, consider this: you’re making 100 grand a year. You are aware that he will not be able to take you on vacation on some expensive locale for weeks.

Men feel the pressure to earn more, pay more, treat more in dates and in relationships. They practically tell it to your face that yeah, I can buy an awful lot of expensive stuff, can you? Ladies, you don’t have to rub salt in the wounds of your man’s already deflated ego. Maybe you need not focus so much on his finances – unless of course he’s practically free-loading.

But it seems like a growing number of men, hell people, don’t seem to know the difference.

My friend is one of many men I’ve encountered who thinks a woman won’t date them because they’re not rich.

Then he went into self-deprecating mode: “See, that woman right there [insert random acquaintance he knows] is my type of woman. It’s like a combination of complaining, not being confident enough in what he brings to the table and judging women based on their preferences equate to this annoyance of a concoction. In other words, he counts himself out of the race for her heart before the “Go! Each and every time I ask him to elaborate on why he feels this way, it all goes back to how she looks, how she dresses and the life that she appears to live from the outside looking in.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend like we all don’t want that ride or die mate.

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It’s a question that warrants careful consideration. When you don’t have a lot of money, you have to ration it carefully.

Call me crazy, but I’ve dated enough broke dudes and I’m not doing it anymore! I’m all for feminism and strong women and I support role reversal and all that. I cannot emphasize enough what a huge turn-off it is when a guy can’t afford to go do anything. I don’t want to go blow hundreds of dollars at a a club, but I do want to experience the world around me. If our dating life consists of cooking ramen and watching TV all the time, I’m going to be out the door before you even notice I’m gone. Man up and go get a job somewhere, anywhere, so that you can take care of yourself. I’ve been doing it for several years now, and busting my ass to make it in a very expensive city. I want a life full of adventure and someone who can accompany me for the ride. I’m saving all my extra money to travel and experience new things, because that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

He doesn’t have to be rich, but he can’t be a deadbeat. It’s just that I don’t make enough to support us both. I do know what it’s like to have barely enough money to get by. If I’m with someone who isn’t down to do the same, it simply won’t work out.

Firstly, I’m not quite sure yet if my “looking for”-list is complete. And the only thing they can spare is what’s swinging between their legs.

And secondly, I don’t know if I can be too honest about all the “looking for” on my list. There are women out here carrying such a huge part of the financial load in the relationship that they can actually claim these men on their taxes as dependents. The last financially challenged dude was an actual boyfriend.

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