Dating a girl with different political views

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At the end of the day our core beliefs and values mirror one another, but this isn’t the case for all couples.I imagine the tension may be rising as we get closer to voting day for those couples who don’t see eye to eye when it comes to this year’s election.I don't think I could date someone who didn't see me as his equal or who believed that the state should regulate my sexual or reproductive choices.

Well, that happened to one woman who wrote in to Dan Savage’s love column on Wednesday.Dating trends in the 21st century have changed the way Millennials view love.Relationships are formulaic and calculated based on compatibility algorithms.“I had a suspicion,” says Malhotra, “this polarization was influencing our lives in ways that went beyond elections.” In the first experiment, 197 subjects were brought into a Stanford behavioral lab and shown profiles of fictional people.The profiles were made to look just like those posted on dating websites.

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