Coping with ex wife dating

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You have to be able to come to a point where you can at least tolerate him, and eventually work your way towards having a decent relationship with him.

Particularly if you see the relationship having a future, he will be the man your kids will be living with (if your wife has custody) or at the very least, interacting with, if you have joint custody.

Whatever it is that governs their choice, you’re unlikely to know what that is, and you really don’t need to.

You should be focusing on yourself and your own future rather than worrying about his.

Seeing your ex with someone new is always going to be weird, no matter how shark-infested your island waters, or how long you’ve left them stranded.

Here’s how to deal with the weirdness and get back to the mainland, because you have far more important things to do than worry about who your ex is smooching.

The fix: My advice is to block them both the second the status appears. So stop comparing and start blocking, because she might be looking at your profile and thinking the same thoughts, and neither of you deserves to feel inferior.

It’ll keep you from creeping and you’ll move on faster if you don’t have the capability to dig deep into her past. You wonder if your ex’s family and friends are comparing you to this new partner, and then you wonder who’s ‘winning’ This is going to be difficult, especially if you were close to your ex’s family and friends.

Often you’ll find that the reason it bothers you is because you have taken his actions as some sort of reflection on you and the past you shared together.

The next thing that happens after you break up with someone – this is after the tears, the drama, the denial, the anger, the acceptance, maybe a sneaky shag, more anger, more acceptance and then closure – is moving on.

In an ideal world, you’d be the one to get in first and have a new man to throw all of your energies into, and if you admit it deep down, you probably wouldn’t mind your ex hearing about how happy you are.

Resist the urge to play detective or engage in conversation about your ex and his new flame.

If a friend lets you know that she saw your former love and his Angelina Jolie look-a-like girlfriend at a concert Saturday night, let her know that that you wish them well and then change the subject.

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