Common pet peeves dating

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I was wondering what is everyone's biggest pet peeves when it comes to dating?Mine would be that the person doesn't talk much or ask many questions as well as not trying to have fun or expecting too much in so little time. Another guy who thinks people at online dating sites are from a different planet than "real" people. This is probably close to the one hundredth time I've read this kind of post in these forums, just so you know how unique your complaint is not.

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I've learned that it will do me no good to ask; if he thinks it's something I need to know, he will tell me.

When traffic is congested and someone is gracious enough to allow you to merge in front of them, a simple wave to show appreciation is considered appropriate and polite. Also people who pass you in the fast lane on the highway only to get right in front of you and drive 40 mph Not washing hands after using the restroom This is extrememly disgusting!

I know someone who has the nerve to use the bathroom and not wash her hands, then continues on to the kitchen to eat, touch other people, and touch objects in the house (such as doorknobs, the refrigerator, etc). In my thinking, it is essential to protect our health except for unpredicted situation...

So what should be a simple statement ends up being about 10 statements, because I know he is listening at that time." --Suzanne Alicie, Louisa, Virginia "My husband pretends to listen while he's working but doesn't actually hear the words I'm saying.

So, those important conversations I thought we were having tend to be forgotten a day later.

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