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PSA: If you are under the age of 18 it is technically illegal to be sending nude pictures.

If you choose to take part in sexting as a minor, please be aware of the risks. So, you found yourself a good-looking mate, and you’ve decided you want to take it to the next level. Now this may not be for everyone, but if you’re ready to flaunt what your mamma gave ya, then I am here to help. Pick a Trustworthy Person If you are choosing to share such intimate, beautiful, sexy photos with someone, be sure you can trust them.

By doing this, you allow yourself to be the main focus (because duh, you look fine as hell) and won’t look like a slob.

Good Lighting Is a must If you’re sending a nude, obviously you want your partner to be able to see it, therefore, avoid strait overhead lighting at all costs (they make weird shadows).

"In 'Warning,' Mary Chiaramonte infuses a note of mystery and danger in her painting of a woman standing on the edge of a burning field.

Similarly, Amanda Hext's 'Self Portrait 2' contorts and compresses a nude into a dark box creating a distinct sense of unease and discomfort in the viewer." During the opening day reception on Saturday, local artists Cindy Procious, wife of Times Free Press editorial cartoonist Clay Bennett, and Mia Bergeron will paint live in front of an audience in a friendly competition.

Prerequisites: ART 1010, ART 1050, ART 1060 or department head approval. Courses are sequential for art majors; Art 2070 is prerequisite to Art 2080.

This course will not fulfill the upper-division art history requirement. Prerequisite: ART 1010 or department head approval.

What she didn't expect was more than 500 entries from 26 states and countries such as Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada and the Philippines. Townsend says the series seems to have resonated with people -- especially, but not unexpectedly, with women -- because each work tells an individual story, but collectively they tell much more. For the upcoming exhibition at her gallery, she enlisted the services of Ellen Simak, former chief curator at the Hunter Museum of American Art, who selected 36 pieces that will be part of Women Painting Women: (R)evolution 2013.

Courses are sequential for Art majors; Art 3070 is prerequisite to Art 3080.

Prerequisites: ART 2900, ART 2080 or department head approval.

Have a Good Background No one thinks your messy room is sexy.

Do yourself a favour and shove all your dirty clothes into a different corner when taking your sexy selfie.

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