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But despite that, studies suggest that one in five adult cellphone-users have done it — which is a solid argument, we think, for tut-tutting less and educating more.

After all, sexting isn’t just the province of the young and reckless: According to Pew Research, 34 percent of adults aged 25 to 34, and 22 percent of adults aged 35 to 44, have received sexts, too.

Police have pursued — recklessly, in some recent cases — the creators and senders of underage sexts.

Parents have cringed over every new teen sexting scandal.

I wrote this article about a husband using dating sites before the Ashley Madison(Intl Bus. I was personally thrilled by the ultimatum given to the company, because offering illicit escapades to a married person having marriage trouble is like offering wine to an alcoholic.

The first reaction in your mind is going to be self-protective, accompanied by fear.

Getting him to confess his sins and change his ways is the wrong approach. We get emails all the time through our free question portal from women who confronted their husbands.Keller has been removed from all duties at the church and restricted from entering the church.“At this time, we are not aware that [Keller] behaved inappropriately with anyone” at the church, the church’s statement said.When you discover your husband using online dating sites, you will automatically imagine the worst, that he is following through and is probably meeting other women. That is probably not happening, and it is not too late for your marriage, even if it is. Reactions, as you recall from biology, are instinctive responses with one purpose: to save your life.Before you read more, I want you to ask yourself a question. Now, in our program, which many women have used to recover their marriage, we include an amazing technique to help called the SEW, and anyone who tells you that all you have to do is this, or that, and everything will be fine is asking too much.

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