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Petersburg Minst 110 arbeidere fra Nord-Korea har jobbet på Zenit Arena i St. Nordkoreanerne blir beskrevet som slaver og gisler av internasjonale eksperter.Én nordkoreansk arbeider ble funnet død i en container utenfor stadion. Rios hvite elefant Ingen trodde at Rio de Janeiros store stolthet Maracanã også skulle bli en hvit elefant. Den ble plyndret, og var ubrukelig som fotballarena. Ruter var knust, gjerder, mål og nett hadde blitt angrepet. Til og med en statue av Mário Filho, journalisten som har gitt navn til banen og var pådriver for byggingen, var stjålet.Microsoft’s XBox One launches on Friday, and it's quite good for illustrating the many ways in which we make slight changes to our expectations of privacy in exchange when we think the trade-off if worth it.It's a cliche, but to illustrate this point, here's the advertising technology imagined for Twitch, the streaming platform that lets you broadcast your game as you play it so friends or others can watch, comes as default on the PS4 and will arrive on the XBox One in early 2014.It referred to the Queen as a ‘Kafir Female Devil’ and criticised ‘her accursed Jubilee – fooling a nation of blind sheep’. We have heard and seen you openly insulting the final messenger of Allah. We love death more than you love life.’ Prosecutor Bobbie Cheema QC said: 'They planned to execute a terrible vengeance on the EDL for what they perceived to be the EDL's recent blasphemous words and actions against the prophet Mohammed and Islam.'Their plain and now admitted intention was to carry out a terrorist attack using a varied selection of offensive weapons - an improvised explosive device, two sawn-off shotguns, swords, machetes and knives.

Og Real Madrids president Florentino Pérez skyr ingen midler for å nå sine mål.

But the head of You Tube claims allowing extremist material to be published helps police because they can track it.

The gang, from Birmingham, was caught after one of their cars was stopped for having no insurance as they drove back from the EDL rally in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

While the Kinect won’t be watching to make sure that you’re watching it, there are patents for that kind of functionality.

They come with diagrams that truly are works of dystopian fiction: This isn’t to say that the Xbox One is part of a sinister plot, or conspiracy, of any kind - it’s just that it is a nice example of the ways we can be convinced to trade our privacy for certain things, and how a series of small judgements that individually feel negligible can add up to a more serious long-term issue.

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