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Just saw a hot video of a virtual hand caresing a woman on-screen.Why cant someone hack a program to show a hot guy jacking of, using the Kinects tracking capability while it is tracking your hand.The Depth Cam Sensor service provides the following operations. You can Subscribe to the Depth Cam Sensor and it will send frames as notifications (Replace messages). The state of a Webcam Sensor is represented the following properties.Note that the state includes both the depth data (as an array of shorts) and the RGB data.

What worked for me (eventually): You should get a success message.

Thanks should go to Scott Orange on the MSDN forums however it’s along thread that has lots of pieces to pick out and try.

Still getting odd noise, corruption and other issues in Skype.

You guys have imaginations, Adult Kinect games could be a something we will see in the coming years.

As perverse as our collective society has grown within the last few decades, I see fewer and fewer inhibitions in place to prevent this. Think of it, video games created for pervy adults (and teenagers that get a hold of them).

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