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We’ve written previously about how dating startups simply don’t get any love from venture capitalists.

Last year, the portion of VC money that went to online and mobile dating startups made up a tiny fraction of the overall funding doled out to startups in 2014; dating startups received at total of .8 million overall – tiny when compared to examples of individual startups having raised more than 0 million.

But if concrete data still doesn’t cut it for you, prolific startup advisor and investor Andrew Chen writes in a recent blog post the reasons why dating startups don’t get funded by investors.

According to Chen, there are six primary reasons why investors don’t fund dating startups.

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Here are six reasons why investors don’t fund dating startups: According to Chen, dating startups have churn rates (the rate at which users stop subscribing to or using a product) of 20 to 30 percent.Tinder isn't a traditional startup since the majority of it is owned by IAC.But like many young companies, it began as a fledgling idea under another name, Match Box.As you might imagine, that creates the wrong incentives.A product focused on casual dating, like Tinder, might escape this dilemma, but dating products generally have built-in churn that’s unavoidable.” Hence the second issue with dating startups: they have a limited shelf-life; no one is looking for dates forever.

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