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If the library isn't huge yet, it will be, don't worry.

We have a continuously growing collection of books that we like to part with, even to let people borrow.

I've got a job that lets me do two of the three things I said I wanted to be when I grew up: a writer and a teacher.

The job is reasonably compatible with the third thing I wanted to be, a mom.

You wouldn’t want to tear them away from their books.

And given the nature of their hobby, you may sometimes feel like you’re the third wheel when your partner has a book in hand. You don’t need to be a bibliophile yourself to be able to enjoy dating a bookworm.

There are no tricks of nonsense after you register either. I'm a self-employed work-at-homer, a night-owl who never met an alarm clock she likes (I tend to stay up L8).If you're tolerant, compion8 and can see two sides of every coin, then I can't w8 to talk with you. Taking an Interest In Reading Introducing Your Partner to Your Interests Maintaining Your Own Identities Community Q&A Some people may feel intimidated by the prospect of dating an avid reader.However, bookworms often make interesting and intellectual partners.

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