Body language mirroring dating

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The principle is a fact of human nature: people tend to trust other people who are like them and mistrust people who seem different.That is why there is so much prejudice in the world.

In my opinion, it was overwhelmingly clear and I intended to ask her out on the ride home.

She picked up on that and realized she had sent the wrong signals.

Fearing that I was going to ask her out, she talked so quickly on the ride home that I couldn’t get a word in.

In fact, it was once suggested that women should be excluded from jury service in the US because their ability to read body language threatened to interfere with a defendant"s right to a fair trial based on the facts alone!

Women show display around 50 different postures and other non-verbal gestures in their repertoire, while men only have around 10 different signals in their repertoire.

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