Blackcrushdating com liquidating dividend s corporation

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I thought it would be fun to check out some "freaks" in my city. I only been on the site for three days and everyday i just see more red flags. I was stupid for not checking out the site first but like most guys those beautiful ### drew me in. This girl exists simultaneously in 20 plus cities or more at a They make it like there is a lot of people working but it's actually a few people. COM SCAM SCAM SCAM ALL YOUR MONEY IS GOING TO LIVE VIDEO CHAT!!!The first red flag came to me when i joined and not even ten minutes a fine ### girl fifteen minutes from my town sent me a freind request. Second red flag is that i actually starting reading the profiles and guess what... Third red flag was the multiple females itried to contact. It is so disgustingly painful that why people are being fooled so easily! They were late on one check and kept booting us girls off on purpose so we wont be able to work. I agree and like most of you tried a trial but only to discover the scam i thought it was very interesting how you never receive emails or flirts until you log in.The BBB has not received a sufficient volume of requests for information, nor has the BBB received any complaints on this firm to warrant the development of a report.

These girls are supposed to be "horny" right lol but no one would come to a blank profile. I continued to receive no responses so i went to the bottom of the barrel scrapping for scraps and yup even the grenades and chupacabras gave me no response. Since I was getting paid for topless they got rid of the girls that were fully nude also so to give all other girls the cheapest pay rate by using them as not nude which is 10 cents a minute. To be safe with your money I wouldn't waste it on this company. Theres little farm community in my home town theres like less 1000 people there and there all Hispanic farm workers.

And to top it all off some chick sent me a message, i messaged her back and guess what..again, no response after he profile was saying she was online the entire time. I don't know about the site trying to access your computer, but the whole site is a scam. It's amazing how many hot black women from little bum### suburbs and one horse towns are on there, eager to connect with you, eager to get you to text their phone (which costs more $$). Hopefully more and more of these complaints show up so they will loose customers and close down. Believe me I would know if there was some beautiful black women there. THere is no other people there let alone dozen of beautiful black women.

Last red flag is that all of the women seem to be off of the site just one hour after you try to contact them. But hardly any from the major city right next door. I have decided to come out with this because I'm tired of being treated like ### when I'm a good worker and others are being scammed. I understand that you may want to meet someone quick and all but not on these sites. Yes the money came in handy but when they want to get rid of you for no reason I will not stand by and keep quite. So I know for fake that they have fake profiles to draw you in.

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