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The most important thing I’ve discovered is that dating older men is the antidote to modern dating’s notorious disappointments.

Dating older men turned out to be the answer to my dating problems, and this changeover solved every dating frustration.

In those days, young women ended up as wives of much older men.

The modern dimension is however completely different and dating is highly unlikely without mutual consent.

When looking for older men, chances are that they will shy away at the opportunity of making the first move.

It really depends on your entire perception and general acceptance of the said relationship even though it might not sound ideal for others your age.

He knows what he has to offer and isn't out to desperately please anyone. Because he's so secure, you feel settled in yourself around him.

This lack of pretense and full acceptance of himself makes him a pleasure to be around and . This peace and ease makes for a very good relationship, especially sexually.

You met an older man, and you're rather compelled by his wit, charm, and success. You may be taken aback at the idea of being with him; maybe the age gap is so large that you're thinking those few years or significant ones may derail the relationship.

One of the true advantages of being with your peers is that you have so many social and cultural references and, most likely, a similar outlook on how the world should work.

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