Beach house dating

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Baltimore-based duo Beach House were born in 2004, when guitarist Alex Scally met vocalist/organist Victoria Legrand.

It wasn't love at first sight —the duo, as they have to keep explaining, aren't actually dating— but it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Did you ever imagine, at any point, that Baltimore would become this beacon of pop-cultural cool? There has been a little more activity, of recent, but there’s always been music in Baltimore, there’s always been cool stuff going on.

Their fruitful musical marriage, as Beach House, has found the pair presiding over a charmingly murky kind of comedown balladry.

Their slow, droney, opiate songs of suffering are aglow with the light of imaginary Sunday mornings, evoking iconic acts like Nico and Mazzy Star.

Flower petals surf the occasional gust, and everything smells soapy-clean, like the entire park has been drenched in mild laundry detergent.

They were unsure if they wanted to meet here given the title of their latest Beach House record, , and, in mentioning that, have underscored a potentially cheesy thing that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

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