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The recent storm that impacted the San Francisco Bay Area has prompted anecdotal comments that this "was the strongest storm since 2009" and questions like "how does this storm compare to other past storms".

Typically there is no handy methodology for rating the relative strength of winter wind and rain events that roll through the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tornadoes are ranked on the Fujita Scale, hurricanes by the Saffir-Simpson Scale and even earthquakes can be ranked on the Richter Scale.

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Retroactively, I have determined BASI values for significant storms (see adjacent table) dating back to 1950 to see where they would rank.

Historically it has been the combination of strong winds and heavy rain that have the largest impact on the Bay Area and a maximum BASI event is predicated on significant amounts of both and would get a ranking of a perfect "10". The first is the 24-hour rainfall for downtown San Francisco and this makes up 40% of the BASI.

The wind component of BASI is composed of two elements, the sustained wind speed at San Francisco International Airport and the peak wind gust in the Bay Area at elevations below 1500 feet.

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