Bambamdating com who is keenan ivory wayans dating

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are they even datingsince i don't care if ppl are dating or not anymore (i did care a bit when i was like 16 or sth i admit) i'm always so surprised how serious of an issue it actually is for groups that are on top JYPE couldn't have done much with the photo being everywhere, but at least do what you'll say you'll do.Don't leave the girl out there like this completely stuck under the bus. Especially when they know how much that photo will do to her image and any possible individual opportunities. That has got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen a "reporter" right an article about.But if he hurts you I promise I’ll kill him for you”Yugyeom: -Mark.The two of you were very ooey gooey with eachother always smiling, giggling, or kissing.However, JYP denied rumors that Bam Bam and Mina are dating, claiming that the two are just friends and nothing more.

How would they act with their crush No different, or so he would like to think, but of course it would come across very obvious to everyone that he has a thing for her.

she would still be rather girly in her looks with very natural looking makeup. she would support him when he’s lonely and gets into his distant moments.

she would also be the one making sure he’s not eating junk food all the time, and staying up late dancing with yugyeom in their room.

this whole things is tuning into a huge 'visting the sick' scandal deja vu ....

im surprised this is a profesional journalist writing an article for a real newspaper and not just an enraged ahjussi fan spreading fake pregnancy rumours in some random forumthe amount of slut-shaming comments i see about female idols when dating rumours surface just makes me want to stay off the internet forever.

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    The manager or director was just trying to pass the problem along to training in hopes that we would miraculously solve their issue.

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