Backdating an unemployment application in pennsylvania

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If you worked in New Jersey and have relocated to another State, you must file a claim against New Jersey.

You may file your claim by calling the New Jersey claims office that handles out-of-state claims at 1-888-795-6672.

If you move to a neighboring locality in New York, Pennsylvania or Delaware (within commuting distance of New Jersey), you may change your address by telephoning a New Jersey Reemployment Call Center at the regular telephone numbers.

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In the past two weeks, it's averaged 40 a day seeking help.The individual shall provide such information as required on the application. An application may be signed by electronic signature or handwritten on a form prescribed by the Commissioner. When filing a new initial claim, re-opening an existing claim, or filing a subsequent claim for unemployment benefits a claimant shall be required to register for work and create an active, online and searchable resume in the Nebraska Department of Labor’s web application for Reemployment and Benefit services in accordance with 219 NAC 4. The initial application for benefits shall be effective Sunday of the week in which the applicant files an application with the Department. A separate claim for benefits shall be made for each week of unemployment by a method of claiming prescribed by the Commissioner. An individual shall be ineligible for benefits for any week for which the individual fails to demonstrate that the individual engaged in an active and earnest search for work as required under 219 NAC 4. If prescribed by the Commissioner, a claim form will be mailed by the Department and shall be completed by the claimant and returned to and received by the Department within ten days of the later of the date mailed or the week ending date which will be stated on the form.The Commissioner, for good cause, may establish a different effective date. A week shall be deemed to be in, within, or during that benefit year which includes the greater part of such week. A claimant who fails to timely return the claim form shall be ineligible for that week’s benefits unless good cause for the late return can be shown.In this standoff, many people trying to get unemployment benefits are stuck on hold. He spends his days making calls to the Pennsylvania unemployment helpline from his home near Pine Grove. He's never had problems filing for unemployment benefits during winter layoffs, but this winter, the Department of Labor and Industry found a problem with his application and asked him to call it's helpline.He's tried hundreds of times in just the past week.

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