Are kristin chenoweth and aaron sorkin dating

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In April she returned as her drunk, comedic character in Glee (April Rhodes) this time with more solos and duets with Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester).

A little goes a long way: That might be the subtitle of Kirstin Chenoweth's fizzy, funny and fine new autobiography.

(Both her best friend and her manager are gay.) Don't come looking here for dirt: She is tactfully demure about many genuinely personal things, though she charmingly alludes to a gymnastics accident that has made her private parts—already credited as the source of her vocal strength—especially sensitive to impending rain.

("What man in his right mind dumps a woman with a singing, weather-predicting hoo hoo?

"I couldn't stay silent on this one," Chenoweth wrote on Twitter after posting the response.

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Last year, she was even fictionalized in ex-boyfriend Aaron Sorkin's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," in which the character Harriet, the beautiful evangelical who stood firm in her faith while defying stereotypes of the closed-minded Christian, was widely assumed to be based on Chenoweth.Chenoweth writes: As a longtime fan of publishing Ramin Setoodeh’s horrendously homophobic “Straight Jacket,” which argues that gay actors are simply unfit to play straight.From where I stand, on stage, with Hayes, every night — I’ve observed nothing “wooden” or “weird” in his performance, nor have I noticed the seemingly unwieldy presence of a “pink elephant” in the Broadway Theater.What else am I supposed to do, dispense Gummi Bears?star who was nominated for three Audience Awards on May 7, has stepped up on her soapbox.

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