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It is based on blocks of many (sometimes a thousand or more) small hexagons, often in bright pastel, repeating colours.The patchwork quilts are hence also known as hexagon quilts, or one-patch quilts, as only one shape is used throughout the design. The pattern was also referred to in the nineteenth century as honeycomb, mosaic or six-sided patchwork.

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Some contemporary quiltmakers aim for “scrappy” quilts that evoke a make-do attitude, despite the longstanding demographic reality that quiltmakers tend to be affluent.

He intended to use it to produce cloth, however Hannah and her sister used a hand spinning wheel to spin it into thread; Slater was active in religious and welfare organisations in the Pawtucket community, such as the creation of a village Sunday School, and in 1809 a Female Beneficent Society.

Slater was treasurer for the society and her sister Lydia was one of its directors.

The roots of the pattern lie in eighteenth century England, where a hexagon template, used in the paper piecing technique, was popular.

The International Quilt Study Center and Museum of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA) has a hexagon quilt in its collection made in 1796 by Anna Ruggles in Britain (IQSC object number 2008.040.0140).

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