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The day begins with small individualized Mussar classes , followed by several hours of intense Talmud study.Students also attend a daily 'Daf yomi' course, designed to provide a broad overview of Talmudic concepts.The goal is to equip every student with a comprehensive learning methodology.Classical and modern commentaries are used to help develop strong analytic skills, clarity on the legal topic being discussed, and, ultimately, an understanding of the practical application in Jewish law.The reality is that while many married couples did go through this progression (because it's the norm in today's dating world), it is not necessary.And more often than not, it is detrimental to reaching the goal of marriage! Entanglements that often consume their 20s and beyond only to leave them back where they began... Many believe that in order to evaluate the potential for marriage, they must invest in intense dating-relationships. One reason is that some singles believe they must learn through experience to know if it will work long-term.

At the end of each interval, the organizer rings a bell, clinks a glass, or blows a whistle to signal the participants to move on to the next date.Speed Dating, as a single word, is a registered trademark of Aish Ha Torah.Speed dating, as two separate words, is often used as a generic term for similar events.Making progressively personal disclosures and hearing similar ones from another person helps two people feel a growing sense of connection and trust.The list of questions starts with items that require a small amount of self disclosure, like "What would constitute a perfect day for you?

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