After updating bios cmos checksum bad

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It seems it uses a little power to keep the cmos memory in place, even if there are problems with the battery circuit. It often will not start then it runs the repair utility, usually System Restore, to get it going. I know enough about computers to have a good anti-virus and firewall in place and a repair program; I use System Mechanic Pro.

The process of flashing the BIOS usually fixes this.If it does enter the BIOS, load defaults, then hit F10 to save and exit.If you still get the error Go into the BIOS and look for the following menu: If the VBAT is below 3.1V you may need to have it replaced. If the VBAT is 3.1v or above it should not be losing settings. Test the system with 1 stick of memory, 1 graphics card, and the CPU. I then rebooted and corrected the date and time, loaded and saved the factory CMOS defaults, and the computer starts fine. Unless the computer has been subjected to a power surge I can't understand why this should be occurring. (usually the ' ' side of the battery should be face up). (I'm a retired sound and communications service tech. I replaced the battery on the motherboard after first unplugging the computer. The negative contact in the battery socket may not be making contact. You could also check with Gateway to see if there is a BIOS update to address this problem. Did you check that the new CMOS battery is the same way up as the old one was?

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