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But you still know a hippie when you see one (or smell patchouli).

Now they range from free spirits on college campuses to mountain-dwelling stoners, boomers still living in the '60s, and boomers-turned-yuppies who buy expensive art.

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Here's where you can meet singles in East Lansing, Michigan.

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Michigan Kalamazoo County Criminal Background Check Description: A Kalamazoo County Michigan Criminal Check covers the Circuit and District (County Seat) courts for Felony and Misdemeanor cases. The county criminal background check covers the past 7 years and will return convictions or deferred judgments. A Michigan restaurant is offering free meals to anyone who finds themselves alone on Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for family gatherings and blow-out meals but just like Christmas Day, many people find themselves alone and lonely on what should be a day of celebration. Once upon a time they were the flower-power counterculture that dropped acid, drove inexplicably operative VW buses, and protested the bejeezus out of the Greatest Generation.You may recognize them from those pictures you found of your parents that you really wish you could unsee.

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