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Rarely would one consider gritty port city streets, dancehall blasting from passing cars, and gunshots busting out for celebratory reasons.

Kartel’s “Bike Back” has Costa Rican dropping it to the floor and slow wining to the top while Chuck Fenda on the Passion Riddim has youth with pelo rasta (dreadlocks, or more literally, “rasta hair”) putting “lightas inna di air” on the DJ’s command.

You can hear it before MTV plays it, You can buy it before ITunes sells it, You can enjoy it 24/7/365 on @Gor Radio #indigot. An phenomenal blend of todays best independent rock, alternative, pop, singer songwriter and rap.

AAA is the radio format that features all the best singer/songwriters and soft rock/alternative bands of today.

Examples of themes from past adult’s parades are ‘Legends of the Gods’, ‘Sweet Fantasia’, ‘From the Land of Make Believe’ and ‘Fun-kadelic’.

Troupes like Party Lovers, Jesters, Gipsy Troupe, Infernos and Intrigue are regulars to the parades.

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