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Darling New, koupelnová série pro individualisty, přináší inovaci: Darling New c-bonded.Použitím radikálně nového technického řešení, kterou Duravit vyvinul a kde je umyvadlo se skříňkou inovativně spojeno.Umyvadlo přesně zapadne do skříňky a je vše je vyrobeno milimetrovou přesností.We've been running a Doctor Who site since 1996, when we were originally known as 'Doctor Who: The REGENERATIVE Website' (a bit of a mouthful, we know). This site is for fans by fans, and we would be nothing without submissions from you.It wasn't until 2000 when we had a chance meeting with Tom Baker, where he actually suggested the name 'Doctor Who Online'. We always encourage submissions from fans and you can always email us using the address at the bottom of this editorial.

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